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Sophie Jordan's New Adult Novella In A Stranger's Bed

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sophie jordan's in a stranger's bedIN A STRANGER'S BED
Contemporary Romance
December 7, 2022

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In a Stranger’s Bed is a Goldilocks retelling novella previously published in the Glamour anthology

Everything in Thea Hoover’s life has gone wrong. Dumped by her fiancé and stranded in Scotland on what was supposed to be her honeymoon, she is relieved to find an empty cottage in the woods. Wet, cold and lost, she takes solace in the crackling fireplace, the warm shower, cozy flannel shirt and scrumptious stew.

Obviously someone lives here. But Thea is desperate! She vows to explain and apologize to the owner of the cottage as soon as he returns home. Except she falls asleep—only to be awakened rudely by a grumpy, gorgeous bear of a Scotsman who wants to know who’s been sleeping in his bed! Before she knows it, Thea is no longer alone in that comfy bed and everything is…just right.


sophie jordan's books available at (#ad)